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Treating Acne  How to get flat abs fast  Backaches  Hair Loss Prevention  Cure Gingivitis  Free Back Links has compiled an extensive listing of service providers
and reference sources that offer information in English.

Find out what millions of tourists have already learned!
Take advantage of low-cost, world-class dentistry while you vacation in "The Land of

Thailand is
THE hot spot for Dental Tourism! Clinics provide everything from simple Laser
Whitening procedures to invisible Braces and complex dental surgery.

Aptly nicknamed "The Land of Smiles," Thailand is a wonderful tropical paradise with a
solid reputation for top-notch cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and exceptional customer
service. Thailand is also the perfect place for those seeking a complete makeover with
safe and affordable cosmetic surgery.

In 2004, recognizing the potential of Health Tourism, the Thai Ministry of Public Health
spearheaded a five year plan to establish Thailand as the "Centre of Excellent Health of
Asia." Thailand is also considered the "Medical Hub of Asia" and a quality destination for
superior health care. This is evident in the fact that Health Tourism continues to grow with
several hundreds of thousands of foreign patients visiting Thailand for medical and dental
care each year.

Many world-class dental clinics have opened in Thailand over the past several years and
the industry is growing. Most clinics offer services and information in English and have
websites that cater to English speaking customers. Some even offer Dental Tourism
packages including spa treatments and hotel stays! Find links and contact information for
dental clinics here at

Here you will find up-to-date listings of dental clinics located in Bangkok as well as other
popular business and holiday travel destinations in Thailand. Get information on services
for tooth whitening, cleaning, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, dentures,
dental implants, braces, veneers, and much, much more.

For your benefit, we have also included listings for Cosmetic Surgery Clinics, Laser Eye
Surgery Clinics, Spas and Wellness Centers as well as general information about Thailand;
providing you with information to get the most out of your vacation stay or business trip to
Thailand. provides this directory service for reference purposes only and we
encourage you to contact service providers and professional organizations for questions or
more information about procedures, packages and pricing. We strongly advise anyone
undertaking any type of medical or dental procedure (at home or abroad) to express due
care when deciding on a procedure and choosing a service provider.

Whether you want to return from your visit to Thailand with a just a brighter smile or a
total makeover, is your resource for contact information!
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how you can nominate
a member of your

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why you are the best!

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We hope you found our information useful and decide to travel to Thailand for all your cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic surgery, LASIK, and any other
medical and dental procedures. The advantage of low cost procedures here in Thailand is quite a savings over cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic surgery
costs in the US. Search and compare. Even with the price of airfare and hotel stays it can amount to a great savings compared to the same procedures
in the US, Canada or in the UK! Many people are in need of cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics to correct or repair their teeth and many people search
the internet for information on low cost dentistry in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto, London, Sydney
and many other cities.. Some people even visit Mexico or Bulgaria for dental work, but here in Thailand you can get so much more! Not only will you get
world class dentistry at low cost, you can get a complete makeover for a fraction of the costs at home. You can also get a wonderful vacation in a lush
tropical paradise, pampered with spa treatments and experience the incredible hospitality and customer service of the Thai people. With many doctors
and dentists trained abroad in the US, UK, Japan, Australia, and Europe you can be confident that you can find the best treatment with the latest
technology. Invisible "invisalign" braces, dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns, bridge work and more..Hundreds of thousands of foreign patients
travel to Thailand for medical and dental procedures because of the stellar reputation of Thailand's medical and dental community. If you won't or cannot
take the trip to Thailand we hope we can help you find a low cost dental plan. If you plan on taking a trip to Thailand for dental or medical procedures,
please check your dental or medical plan to see if the procedures are covered and/or if they will cover work done overseas. If you are already coming to
Thailand for vacation or business, incorporate a trip to the dentist for affordable work or a laser whitening treatment. Whether you have yellow teeth,
crooked teeth, white spots or black spots on a tooth, rotten or chipped teeth, you don't need to live with ugly teeth; you can bring home a great smile to
remember your trip to Thailand. Remember when you plan your trip to Thailand!
We also hope that you will check out some of our favorite products to improve or maintain your dental health. We provide access to some wonderful
home dental care products, such as whiteners, sonic or electric brushes, floss, water jets and more! A dental water jet is another of the modern tools to
promote better health and fight the risk of periodontal disease. Gentle pulses of water will help remove food and plaque from those hard to reach areas.
If you have braces, implants, bridge work, or crowns, you know that even brushing with an electronic toothbrush can not always do a thorough job.
Sufferers of gum disease must take extra measures to combat this condition. By massaging gums, the dental water pick stimulates the blood flow for
healthier gums. The concentrated water pressure and specialized tips help remove material from below the gum line where it can cause serious
problems. A travel dental jet will help you maintain a regular cleaning schedule, no matter where you might find yourself. The compact size and battery
power make it perfect for for any destination. Poor dental health can lead to other more serious conditions.

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Welcome to the directory
of dental service providers in Thailand!
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